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From Maryland to DC: Crafting Dream Kitchens & Baths for Over Three Decades!

Welcome to Davida’s Kitchen & Tiles! We’ve got an extensive selection of styles and services for both home kitchens and bathrooms and for businesses, too. Our team has been doing this for over 37 years, so we know all about making spaces look great and work well for you.

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Over 37 Years of Experience

We’ve been doing this for a long time, more than 37 years! That means we really know our stuff. You can trust us to do an excellent job because we’ve helped lots of people get the kitchen or bathroom they’ve dreamed about. We’re good at keeping up with new styles and making sure everything we do is top-notch.

See the Difference: Before and After

Have you ever seen a kitchen or bathroom change from old to new? It’s like magic! In our showroom, we show you pictures of places we’ve changed. You can see for yourself how a tired, old room can turn into something beautiful and modern. It’s really cool to see the change!



Think of a cozy cabin in the woods. That’s Woodmode cabinets for you. Strong, lasting, and with a natural charm that turns any room into a welcoming nook.


Tough as nails, pretty as a picture. Durasupreme cabinets are built to take whatever life throws at them and still look great.


Sleek and cool, Brookhaven cabinets are the secret to a kitchen that’s not just a room but a style statement.


Strasser brings elegance right into your home. These cabinets are all about luxury, making your space feel like a million bucks.


Ronbow’s the way to go for a fresh, modern vibe. These cabinets are like a quick update, making everything look new and now.


Luxor cabinets are like a warm hug. Cozy, inviting, and just what you need to make your kitchen or bathroom feel like home.



Ceramic tiles are the trusty sidekick of your kitchen or bath. Simple, clean, and they come in all the colors of the rainbow.


Glass tiles are the sparkle your space needs. They catch the light and make everything shine a bit brighter.


Each handcrafted tile is a little piece of someone’s heart and soul. It is unique, memorable, and just the right touch for a personal space.


Mosaic tiles are like a party on your walls or floors. Fun patterns and lots of colors – they’re the life of the kitchen or bathroom party.


Porcelain tiles are the strong, silent type. They’re super tough but with a sleek look that screams ‘modern and chic.’

Talk to Us: We’re Here to Help

If you’re thinking about changing your kitchen or bathroom, come talk to us. We love to hear your ideas and help you figure out what will work best in your space. You can ask us anything – we’re happy to answer your questions and help you get started on making your dream room.