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Let us take you on a little journey. The kind that stirs up the soul and sparks the imagination. This isn’t just any story, it’s the saga of Davida’s Kitchen & Tiles, where we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, one kitchen at a time.

The Spark That Lit the Fire

Picture this: A passionate soul with a hammer in one hand and a dream in the other. That’s how Davida’s started, not in a flashy showroom, but in the humble abode of a visionary who saw kitchens as canvases waiting for their masterpiece. 
It was never about selling tiles or cabinets. It was about reinventing spaces where life’s best stories unfold.

What Drives Us?

We’re not just selling kitchen remodels, we’re selling a slice of happiness. Every tile and every cabinet we install carries a piece of our heart and soul. 

We believe in kitchens that reflect who you are, whether that’s a bustling family hub or a gourmet chef’s paradise.

The Unmistakable Davida’s Difference

What sets us apart? It’s not just our kitchen designs or the tiles. It’s the magic we weave into each project. Our team? They’re not workers, they’re wizards in aprons, transforming mundane into magnificent. 
Our materials aren’t just sourced, they’re handpicked gems from the farthest corners of the globe, promising durability that lasts generations.

Meet the Dream Weavers

Our team is the backbone of Davida’s. They’re not just employees, they’re artisans with a flair for creating beauty. From designers who sketch dreams into reality to craftsmen who meticulously lay each tile, their dedication is the secret ingredient in our recipe for success.

Meet Davida Rodriguez – The Heart and Soul Behind Your Dream Kitchen

Introducing the mastermind of Davida’s Kitchen & Tiles, Davida Rodriguez. With a remarkable journey spanning over 37 years, Davida isn’t just a designer, she’s a visionary who transforms ordinary spaces into culinary masterpieces. 

Born and bred in the Washington DC area, her passion for design led her to the prestigious University of Maryland, where she honed her skills in Interior Design.

Davida’s adventure in the world of kitchens began with a decade dedicated to custom cabinetry, perfecting the art of creating spaces that aren’t just functional but are also a feast for the eyes. 

But why stop there? Her quest for excellence drove her to explore the intricate world of tiles. For another ten years, Davida delved into the realm of stone, ceramic, and other custom tiles, adding layers of finesse and sophistication to her designs.

In 1995, a new milestone marked her path when she earned the esteemed title of CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer). But the real game-changer was in 2006, with the birth of Davida’s Kitchen & Tiles. Here, she brought her dreams to life, establishing a showroom that’s not just a store but a gateway to personalized and inspired kitchen designs.

Step into her award-winning showroom, and you’ll quickly see why her projects grace the pages of multiple publications. It’s a treasure trove, featuring everything from custom to semi-custom cabinetry and the finest selection of tiles in glass, ceramic, porcelain, stone, and more.

Davida’s mantra is simple: every kitchen, every tile, every design tells a story. And she’s here to help you tell yours. Whether your space is big or small, ordinary or unique, Davida is committed to creating a design that reflects your taste, lifestyle, and dreams.

Contact Davida today for a complimentary design assessment and embark on a journey to transform your kitchen into a masterpiece that tells your story.

Giving Back – One Kitchen at a Time

Our story isn’t just about what we create, it’s also about what we give back. Community, connection, and care – that’s what Davida’s Kitchen & Tiles is all about. We’re not just in the business of kitchen remodeling, we’re in the business of building relationships.

What’s on the Horizon?

The future? It’s looking as bright as a newly polished countertop. Innovation, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of perfection – that’s the path we’re on. Davida’s isn’t just keeping up, we’re setting the pace in the kitchen renovation world.

Your Invitation to Greatness

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our world – a world where kitchens are more than just rooms. They’re the sanctuaries where life’s little moments turn into lasting memories. Get in touch, and let’s start sketching your dream kitchen. Or, better yet, swing by and see the magic in action.

Our Team

Davida Rodriguez

CKD Owner/Designer

Davida has over 34 years of experience designing and selling tile and custom baths and kitchens for both residential and commercial clients. A native of the Washington DC area, and an Interior Design graduate from the University of Maryland, she spent 10 years in the designer kitchen industry providing custom cabinetry before adding an additional 10 years of stone, ceramic and other custom tile work to her repertoire. In 1995, Davida received the title of CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer) and in 2006 created Davida’s Kitchen & Tiles. The new showroom followed shortly thereafter where she continues to offer personalized designs to her clients for nearly every situation, no matter how unique the area! Visit her award-winning showroom and you’ll discover why Davida’s projects have been featured in multiple publications. The showroom features custom to semi-custom cabinetry, as well as the finest selection of tile in glass, ceramic, porcelain, stone, and more. Contact Davida to schedule your complimentary design assessment.

Maureen St. Denis

Office Manager

Bio coming soon!

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